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“Dancing for The Cabana Code in The Land of Boo-Hoo”

Produced by E-Love & Coati Mundi


Dancing For The Cabana Code In The Land of Boo-Hoo”is a mixed genre dance record  that garnished rave reviews including The New York Times, The Village Voice and The LA Weekly. An EP titled “No More Blues” containing 3 tracks from the album was chosen for The New York Times Top Song List.   More information available on  the “DAILY MUNDI “ page.  A video of  one of the jams, “It’s All About The Money”, can be viewed by clicking HERE.  He also promoted the record when he was asked to appear on the famed UK TV Show “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” with Juliette Lewis as guest host.

Coati Mundi, the adopted professional name of “Sugarcoated Andy Hernandez”, hails originally from Spanish Harlem NYC . He majored in business management at NYU but spent most of his free time hanging with poets, actors and musicians while occasionally entertaining the troops during

NYU student strikes. After graduating from NYU he bypassed wall street and got a gig in El Barrio as a social worker.  Serving as a community advocate for PINS (person in need of supervision) prepared him for the arduous and stressful business of show.

Eventually Coati answered his true calling and has been blessed to serve the entertainment business in various capacities. He has worked with an array of renowned artists including Carlos Alomar, Paul Anka, Ruben Blades, Jocelyn Brown, Ray Chew, Lisa Fischer, Deborah Gibson, Salma Hayek, Nona Hendryx, Oscar Hernandez, Chrissie Hynde, Wyclef Jean, Grace Jones, Andy & Jerry Gonzalez, Raul Julia, Alan King, Spike Lee, Melissa Leo, Harry Lookofsky, La Lupe, Machito, Madonna, Paul Morrisey, David Nadien, Nico, Karyn Parsons, Tito Puente, Vernon Reid, Sly & Robbie, Paul Rodriguez, The Roots, Gustavo Santaolalla, Wanda Sykes, Phoebe Snow, Judy Tenuta, Eddie Torres and of course the “Olsen Twins”.

Band Leader - Segment features Tito Puente (TV Desi Awards)

Musical Director - Arranger (Presented by BAM & The BRC)

Mundi’s maiden voyage into the major leagues commenced back in the day when platform shoes, designer jeans and a white polyester suit with an open collar shirt reigned supreme. He however joined a band of rebellious upstarts who went against the proverbial grain and it resulted in melodic mayhem. Their debut album featuring the pioneering hit single titled “Cherchez la Femme” went multi-platinum and they were nominated for a Grammy as “Best New Artist”.  The Zoot suited, Fedora wearing band of mulatto miscreants was  “Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band”

(Click HERE to see the band along with Sean “007” Connery on the Dinah Shore Show).

Mundi has been a Music Director for live and TV events. Credits include the Desi Awards (Paul Rodriguez - Host), Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing and BAM Presents The Latin Connection Concert which featured celebrated artists such as Nona Hendryx, Joe Bataan, Vernon Reid, Cory Daye and Carl Hancock Rux.

The 70‘s Disco period  was  a magical time full of wonderment and discovery. One was young  and looking forward to a loss of innocence while putting the immune system to the test. The drugs were mandatory but medicinal; the sex was hot but harmless; last but never least the music was mighty.  Yes the 60’s was hip and groovy but the sex was shoeless, the drugs were delusional and outside the mambo community the dancing was dumb.

Mundi feels that Disco has historically received a bad rap. From Disco came amazing singers and groups like Donna Summer, Cory Daye, Gloria Gaynor, Thelma Houston, Frances Jolie, Luther Vandross, Jocelyn Brown, Chic, GQ, Wild Cherry, Dazz Band, Village People, DC LaRue, Brothers Johnson and one can go and on. Even some of the rockers joined in on the festivities like AWB, Bee Gees, Rolling Stone, Rod Stewart and Blondie. That whole disco demolition night fiasco in  Comiskey Park was motivated by ignorance, fear, envy and hate. It killed disco temporarily but now it is back and in fact it is one of the most sampled genre. Disco gave rise to dance music including Rap and Chicago House. Disco theme parties and Disco retro bands dominate the private party landscape. In every sports event and baseball stadium including Comiskey Park people are doing the Village People’s “YMCA” dance routine.  Disco songs are constantly being covered by today’s artist. In other words DISCO LIVES !!!

Alas like many pop groups  Savannah Band went from making millions to dodging the repo man. Eventually he did get a second wind and partnered up with fellow Savannah Band comrade August Darnell to  form the critically acclaimed Kid Creole & The Coconuts where he served as Co-Leader and Musical Director. He played percussion, danced, sang and composed. In fact his pioneering Spanglish rap song “Que Pasa/Me No Pop I”, originally released as “Kid Creole & The Coconuts Presents Coati Mundi”, was the first hit for the group garnishing them major international attention. His zany energetic theatrical performances as Kid Creole’s comic foil sidekick had been lauded by fans worldwide including Barry Manilow, Prince, Madonna, Denzel Washington, Paul Schaffer, Spike Lee, Rick James, Def Leppard, Lady Diana and Michael J. Jackson. A group highlight was performing a sold out show at Carnegie Hall. Coati also worked on many of the Kid Creole off shoot projects including record producer for the #1 dance hit “Deputy of Love” by the “2nd Avenue Rhumba” and as Horn & String arranger for Gichy Dan’s Beachwood #9

As an actor he continues to appear in films and recently was seen in “ON THE ROAD” directed by Walter Salles (“The Motorcycle Diaries”), produced by Francis Ford Coppola (“The Godfather”) and starring Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart.  He also worked on the award winning film “The Imperialist Are Still Alive” directed by Zeina Durra and an HBO pilot by Spike Lee and Doug Ellin (Entourage). Coati will next be working as an actor and composer on “An Artist’s Emblem” starring Harry Dean Stanton and Maximillian Schell.

Coati has an extensive music catalog that has been licensed for films including  “We Own The Night” starring Joaquin Phoenix, “Musical Chairs” directed by Susan Siedelman, “Gloria” directed by Sidney Lumet and “Our Idiot Brother” starring Paul Rudd (Please click HERE for samples and additional credits).  



As Mundi states:  “Being in Kid Creole was like being in Oz. It was exciting but after awhile you just want to go click your heels. You get tired of fighting flying monkeys and wicked witches. Kid Creole rarely performed at home. The tours were from 4 to 6 months at a time and in foreign lands. Touring in the 80’s was hemorrhoids city. The tedious traveling including 24 hour bus rides, constant exchanging of funny money  and everywhere you went it felt as if people were speaking in tongues. Even with the plethora of exotic groupies constantly available, after awhile you get tired of communicating like a mime. Talking English slowly is annoying and does not work.

Coati  is also famous for saying:  “I rather be home wishing I was on tour than be on tour wishing I was home.” Toward the end he knew it was over when he opted out of a private tour of the Eiffel Tower to stay in the hotel room watching French speaking versions of C-Span. After 15 years of touring it was time to retire the old Samsonite. In addition he wanted to take a crack at doing his own thing . Mundi has always been a loyal servant of ensembles led by others but he was curious if he could make it being the captain of his own ship so he decided to give it a go. It hasn’t been smooth sailing by any means but he is still whistling in the Land of Dixie albeit occasionally out of key.

Another Coati-ism is: “I never let the lack of talent stop me from doing anything” . Whenever the gigs dried up and the stomach started growling he would search for different ways to survive in the Show-biz Serengeti. If an opportunity reared its ugly ass he went for it even if  he had no experience or talent for it. His need along with a desire and passion drove him to dive into the murky waters . He learned to swim while avoiding being eaten up by the sharks.  Of course there were the occasional butt bites here and there but they were not deal breakers.

He started out as Vibraphone player but when no one was hiring he taught himself other instruments. In fact he got into the Savannah Band originally as piano player. When the legendary Savannah Band manager Tommy Mottola  and the record producer Sandy Linzer wanted to replace him with a trained pianist Coati managed to survive the subterfuge by switching back to Vibraphones and that became a signature sound of the band. The Coati Vibes sound also influenced Tommy and Sandy in their production for the group Odyssey (“Native New Yorker”). Later on also as Kid Creole’s manager Tommy appreciated and admired Mundi’s offerings as a showman and musical director. With Kid Creole he played Vibes, Marimba, Flute, Piano and Percussion as well as being the music arranger.  All the aforementioned is self taught.  He has also released several solo recordings including a song on the “Who’s That Girl” Soundtrack Album

On another occasion Hall & Oates asked him to sing back grounds on a cover song meant for the Big Bam Boom record. Coati is not a singer in the traditional sense of the word and certainly not a “hold your note” background type of singer but still Coati had the “cojones” to take the gig.  Eventually they scraped the cover song recording however at the end of the record Coati did a cool improv around which they created a song titled “Dance On Your Knees”. It tuned out to be the lead off song on the album.  Mundi felt that he should have received a writer’s share of the song and in fact John Oates gave Coati credit for it on a radio interview but the “powers that be” deemed his contribution as not worthy.  Mundi eventually was offered 1K to go away but he refused it and told the Hall & Oates reps to give it to charity. The song probably generated a million dollars  plus in revenues. To view an interesting video about this titled “DANCE ON YOU KNEES - THE UNTOLD STORY” click “HERE”.

The point is that in order to survive in this bad boy you need to be fearless and arm yourself with an array of weapons thus he has high profile professional credits as an Actor, Composer, Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Choreographer, Recording Artist, Music Director & Arranger, Record Producer, Music Supervisor, Consultant, Sound Designer and Stage Performer.


Coati decided to be. The proverbial acting bug bit him early in life but laid dormant until a chance meeting with producer-director the late John Nicolella.   He wanted Coati for the film “Easy Money” as the “boyfriend” of Rodney Dangerfield “daughter” played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Due to scheduling conflicts Coati had to unfortunately turn it down but later on Nicolella once again approached him to do a role on a new TV series called "Miami Vice". This turned out to be Coati’s first non-music appearance on TV or Film. On this maiden voyage as an actor he worked with a familiar face. It was that of a pre-moonlighting Bruce Willis who Coati met when Bruce was a bartender at a NYC club.  Coati ended up doing three episodes and always a different character. Basically Coati was learning on the job until an embarrassing moment occurred during his third stint on “Vice”. He was asked to do a stage whisper for a scene. Not having any formal training he was befuddled as to what the term meant. The director discreetly had a young actor who was actually making his professional theatrical debut take Coati aside and show him how to do it. Shortly thereafter Coati began studying. Although the original motivation to study was triggered by the desire to avoid any future embarrassment Coati did develop a respect and fondness for the craft. By the way the aforementioned young actor turned out to be Benicio Del Toro. (For film clips click HERE )


Coati’s first  role in a film was “Who’s That Girl” starring Madonna.  Coati and Madonna were comrades from the East Village as well as record label mates. She even once said that Coati is an amazing performer. With this in mind Coati tried to get Madonna to use her juice to skip the red tape and get him on board but she wasn’t having it. She chastised him that he has to earn the spot thus he auditioned with hundreds of other actors. Fortunately he was awarded the role and it turned to be a career highlight. One of the delightful moments about working on the film for Coati is that during breaks in the action he and Madonna were constantly dancing with each other . One time she even challenged him to a push up contest in order to prep for a scene. Coati won  111  to 107.

During the wrap party Coati and Madonna were dancing together endlessly. At one point her husband at the time Sean Penn started sauntering toward Coati. He got paranoid thinking that maybe Sean got jealous and was going to give Mundi a beat down. It turned out that Sean asked if Coati can show him some smooth dance steps. Coati did and Sean actually picked up the moves rather quickly.

The gyrations even continued well after the film’s completion when Coati accompanied her as a dance partner to a Dance-A-Thon AIDS  benefit.  Also on board was famed comic Sandra Bernhard. Since then he has work in numerous film and TV productions. For an extensive list please click the following IMDb link:



The music scene has changed tremendously.  In some ways good and some other ways not so good.  The days of advances are gone and with free music downloads and easy sharing, an artist’s royalty base has shrunk significantly to just about nil. Generally speaking the DJ’s run the live performance end of the spectrum and live music has gone the way of the pet rock.  Unless you are a high profile artist like Timberlake, Rihanna or French Montana you ain’t getting paid.  The good thing is that with social media and outlets like I-Tunes, YouTube, My Space and Facebook;  unsigned acts can get their art out there. They can create an international fan base and make some dough by taking it live on the road.  The market is no longer the domain of the record companies or the record stores.  This is an astonishing development and cause of it the artist and the public benefits.  It just would be a nice courtesy if the community gives back to the artist for what it it takes even if it is a token amount. It all helps keep the art alive and society will be that much more meaningful.


NEW JAMMIES: Next up music wise is a new record still in progress called “ Punk Bopping In  The Jungle du Jour”. The album will feature new and previously unreleased material including a duet with David Johansen (New York Dolls) for the film Car 54” , a duet with jocelyn Brown and a mambo version of “Sunday Kind of Love” with vocalist Cory Daye. A live performance video  of it can be viewed  on YouTube. (Click HERE)

POP MEMOIR BOOK: In keeping with Coati’s philosophy of not allowing the lack of talent stop him from doing anything, he just completed a creative non-fiction memoir with a pop-culture mix. It is based on his experience inside a social media phenomenon and how this cyber concoction turned out to be a life saver. Plan A is to find a literary agent that can get behind it so if you know anyone ...holla at a brother.

ONE MAN PLAY: Coati has revisited an amazing project he started sometime ago. It is a one man performance piece in the form of a play which is now completed and ready for the next phase. It contains all the artistic elements that Coati is famous for including spoken word, dancing, music, humor, wit, dramatic verbal projections and sagacious stand up. He hopes to get an out of the box thinking theatre or production company interested in the goodness.  Coati performed a song from it for an upcoming film by director Alex Steyermark called The 78 Project.

In keeping with the film’s concept it was performed live in one take.


Biography written in the third person by Coati Mundi .

SUGARCOATED FILM: Not allowed to release details except it will be an independent film liberally based on Coati’s coco loco vida as he attempts to return back into the public eye while keeping his sister’s goldfishes alive.

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Coati Mundi & The Rainbowphonic Band

Coati Mundi & The Rainbowphonic Band

SUBE LAS MANOS “ : Back in the day the prolific composer Ron Rogers & musical madman Coati Mundi teamed up for various projects including the number one dance hit "Deputy of Love". After mucho moons they have reunited for a good old fashion hand raising & butt shaking dance fiesta. This audio delight accompanied by assorted remixes is now available on various online outlets including I-Tunes and Amazon.